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Disadvantages of buying a hair system over the internet

Posted by Eva 17/03/2015 0 Comment(s) Woman,Man,

The Internet has revolutionized our purchasing habits, facilitating our access to many products. However, when it comes to hair prostheses, online shopping is not the best option.


The convenience and privacy of shopping online can be very attractive to users of hair systems. However, we are talking about a product that must be adapted in a personalized way to its measures and needs, so the online purchase of hair prostheses ends up being very unsatisfactory for the vast majority of people.


In the same way that we need a tailor so that we can make a custom-made suit, the hair prostheses should also be made by experienced professionals after knowing the particularities of each person to achieve satisfactory and natural results.


In the case of hair prostheses, these results are not feasible with the online purchase, since the standardized products and without an individualized adjustment do not usually give a good result.


Thus, the online purchase of wigs and toupees, although they tend to have low prices as an incentive and therefore seem more economical initially, always end up being more expensive and entail lower quality, fewer guarantees and a poor result.


The hairdressers, although they can perform the maintenance of the hair prostheses and adapt them, are not specialized hair centers. In the hair centers, the team of technicians will guide you and design the best option based on your type of alopecia, its characteristics and your needs. They will also assist you in individual cabins, so that privacy is always guaranteed.


Likewise, hair technicians are the professionals who can best perform the entire process of adaptation, integration and maintenance of your hair prosthesis.


Regarding the economic issue, if a careful calculation is made of the price paid for a hair toupee purchased online, plus the increase in the budget that involves retouching, repairs, claims, time delay, etc. It is evident that, in reality, in the end you end up paying more for a service that does not solve the initial objective of improving your hair aesthetics.


On the other hand, we must bear in mind that there are different types of hair systems with very variable prices and adaptable to all needs.

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