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How do we make your hair system?

Posted by Eva 10/03/2015 0 Comment(s) Woman,Man,

The manufacturing process of our hair toupees and wigs is totally manual and we make it from a mold that we take from the affected area so that it is integrated in a natural and undetectable way.

A hair system is a method to 'recover' hair from a part of the scalp non-surgically. It consists of implanting hair in an anatomical mold designed with a thin and transparent material that adapts to the scalp and is fixed to integrate in a natural way. The process from the first visit to the integration of the hair system is as follows:

First visit

  • Once your appointment has been arranged, we will call you to our center for a first visit, where our hair technicians will assist you in one of our personalized cabins.
  • The most important thing in this first visit is to make a correct diagnosis of the type of alopecia, skin (more or less sensitive) and sweat (more or less acidic).
  • Also, we will ask you about your lifestyle and your preferences (if you are an athlete, if you want to sleep with it, if you have little time to perform the maintenance of the hair toupee, if you travel a lot, etc.).
  • Both the type of alopecia, skin and sweat as your lifestyle and your preferences will determine the type of prosthesis that will be most suitable for you.
  • We make a mold template in the affected area. It is from this mold that we made the prosthesis. In this way, when we perform the integration, the adaptation will be perfect.
  • We take a sample of your hair, so we make sure to find a clone of your hair with which we will make the hair system. We have a wide sample in which all the tonalities and textures that can be obtained in natural hair appear.

Second visit

  • Between eight and ten weeks after the first visit, we proceed to the integration of the hair system..
  • In cases of alopecia by chemotherapy treatment or urgent, we can deliver the wigs on the same day or make them in a week, depending on the type of wig.

Third visit

  • Depending on the chosen hair system and the type of fixation, the frequency with which it will be necessary to go to our hair center for maintenance will be determined.
  • Also, if you prefer to do most of the maintenance at home or your lifestyle does not allow you to go to the center as often as you would like, at Mayquel we will give you the tools and information so you can do it yourself.
  • The life of a hair system depends on different factors, but mainly on the type of base materials chosen. The most delicate prostheses will have a shorter duration.

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