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Oncology - Aesthetic Care

Caring for BODY SKIN during Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

During Chemotherapy and Radiation (Radiotherapy) it is very frequent that the body skin is sensitized and it has to be taken care of in a special way, HYDRATIONING AND NUTRIENDING it in depth to restore its flexibility and integrity.
As a general rule we must take into account the special care of the skin that is exposed to Radiation and Chemotherapy:

to. Use warm water, (not hot) and a cleaning solution, gel or foam (preferably not soap) to rinse easily. Always dry with a towel.

b. Use a toning lotion, free of alcohol, using cotton and apply it on the face without rubbing the skin to refresh it.

c. Always apply a maximum protection factor sunscreen (minimum of 15 on or a moisturizer with SPF of 15+). Wait a few minutes before applying other products so that the protector absorbs. It is recommended to use a hat to protect yourself from the sun directly on your face.

d. To reduce the dryness, scaly skin, apply a moisturizing cream that nourishes deeply to restore moisture lost (ideally with: essential oils, Argan oil, Rosehip, Aloe Vera) on the forehead, cheeks, beard and nose, distributing it gently. (the moisturizer creates a base for the ideal makeup in these cases). Then apply this moisturizing and nourishing cream throughout the body.

and. Finally, reduce the swelling using a cream for the eye area, if required.

F. They are not recommended: additional treatments such as gels, exfoliants and perfumed products during this period.

Special recommendations for Radiation

Consult your doctor before using any cream, lotion, makeup, soap, sunscreen, perfume or deodorant on or near the treated areas.
Generally, only warm water should be used in the treated areas and dried gently with a towel. Do not scratch, carve or shave that area. Also, do not try to remove any radiation mark (these fade little by little). Finally, do not apply heat or cold and be sure of the medical instructions regarding sun exposure. After radiotherapy, consult the doctor before using makeup or other skin products.
In Radiotherapy treatments you have to protect the skin daily to prevent dehydration and prevent inflammation (Radiotherapy epithelia) To reduce this dryness and avoid a hypersensitive area, it is advisable to apply throughout the body and especially in the treated area : a cream or even an ultra-moisturizing oil that nourishes deeply to restore lost moisture (ideally with: essential oils, Argan oil, Rose hip, Aloe Vera)

Loss of skin color and makeup.

Ask the doctor for advice on skin color changes. In most cases, changes in the skin disappear after treatment ends.
Mayquel's team will advise you on facial makeup to hide the side effects of the treatment and to beautify your image.

Call the doctor if:

Areas appear to have hives.
The skin swells, reddens, is hot, feels pain or begins to ooze.




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